IMAGINE how you would FEEL, but more importantly, IMAGINE the IMPACT you would have if....

Every day, All day, in Every action and Every word, you Set The Standard for what's Possible when you live a life of Excellence and do not settle for less!

Do you think you would feel more alive than ever?

Do you think your family and its legacy would look different?

Do you think that your business would not only make more money but have an even greater impact?

Do you think that your friendships would be full of like-minded winners?

Do you think that you would lead more people to Christ by showing what a real Christian man looks like?



WE ARE TO BLAME for the world we live in today where passivity and mediocrity are celebrated.  

Men got complacent and didn't SET THE STANDARD, we let others dictate the standard.  That is a world full of participation trophies, gender confusion, obesity, divorce and mental health struggles at an all-time high. 

Instead of raising the standards we are lowering them to meet theirs. 

We see it in every aspect, from churches, to the schools, to the workplace.   

But Men, this stops with YOU AND ME!


It's not just a movement, it's an in ALL IN way of life. 

Its Christian men who are not afraid to rock the boats and do what is NECESSARY to change the world via their commitments and actions. 

Their families, friends, and businesses will never look the same, and their personal passion and JOY will be off the charts!

A group of LIKEMINDED entrepreneurs who know that there is more to life than making money for personal gain.  They tried that and it didn't work, they found themselves unfulfilled and desiring more in life. 

Now they are ready to go get that "more" by setting the standard ALL THE TIME IN ALL THEY DO!


Its hard to do on YOUR OWN and even harder to FIND THE MEN to do it with!

Finding like-minded men in a world that often feels passive and broken, is a real challenge.  Men who not only seek success but yearn to infuse their lives with genuine purpose and divine fulfillment. We understand this challenge, which is why we Set The Standard in bringing men together.   We hand-select the best of the best.  Men who want the same thing as you: to fulfill their God-given potential and make a real difference!


We SET THE STANDARD in 6 main areas!


When a man has full clarity on who he is and why he is here, and pairs that with his body and mind being prepped for optimal performance, he unlocks the ultimate cheat code!


Jesus said if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains, but we are going to do FAR more than that.  We are reawaking men AND the church by the standards we set! 


You and your wife will truly be ONE!  A united team advancing together for the same mission.  That provides an intimacy and bond that you have never felt or even knew was possible, but it is!


If we do not influence and lead our kids, the world will.  When we are more concerned with their Holiness than their happiness, we will set them up for a life of impact and purpose!


When men catch the vison that they are going to war in business as providers of the Kingdom, real focus appears.  We impact our team, and our team impacts the world!


When your inner circle changes, your inner peace and drive follows.  Friendships are not just here for a laugh, they are here for strength and accountability.  To make each other think, feel, and be BETTER!

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Weekly mastermind sessions via zoom:¬†Deep dive into critical topics, deep vulnerable discussions in an open platform for ALL to share insight and get insight!¬†
  • Personalized coaching:¬†Receive tailored guidance and accountability to overcome your unique challenges.
  • Exclusive community:¬†Connect with fellow brothers on a similar journey, fostering lifelong friendships and support, but also building alignments that compliment your individual mission. We purposely cap the group at 12 men to keep it intimate and intentional.
  • Proven frameworks:¬†Master practical tools and strategies for business growth, personal development, and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Life-changing experiences:¬†Every other month we get together for 2.5 days and tackle one specific area. I bring in renowned coaches and guest speakers.¬† We do will hard things physically and emotionally, all while advancing and taking territory!¬† These days are truly something special and life changing, but also a ton of fun!

If not YOU, then WHO?

The world aches for leaders like you!

Men who rise above the fray and SET THE STANDARD of excellence and possibility. 

This is your moment leverage your success and talents into something FAR GREATER- to lead a life that not only fulfills your deepest desires but also serves as a lighthouse for to find their way "home"!


If this resonates with you then DO NOT WAIT.  When God says move, MOVE!!!

Being that we cap this group at 12 members, there is a selection process.  

Click the button to apply TODAY!


You Are Most Qualified To LEAD The Person That You USED To Be! 

Tommy's journey to becoming an Elite Coach, Speaker, and Man, was anything but conventional.

Before he founded High Level Husband, Tommy had money, unlimited free time, a beautiful wife, and two healthy kids, but yet absolutely hated his life.  Ungrateful? NO!  Unfulfilled? YES!  That all changed when Tommy had a near death experience and decided to "burn the boats" and go all in on finding out what is possible in life for himself and his family, when you stop doing things the way the world says do it and start doing it the way God says do it.    

That all paid off!  In just 4 short years, Tommy has coached some of the most successful people in the world, everyone from 8 figure earners, renowned musicians, politicians, and athletes, and at the same time growing his social media from nothing to 400k followers and over 400 million views. 
The thing he is most proud of, is the transformation of his character and the way he leads himself, but more importantly his wife's radical transformation from a low self-worth, lost, and mediocre woman, to becoming a woman that loves herself and others like no other, all while impacting lives around the world.  
Besides running a successful coaching business, these days you can find Tommy bringing an intense and emotional experience to stages around the country, where he ignites men to feel phenomenal by winning at work and winning at home. 
To scale your business and your marriage, you need to scale YOURSELF!