You DO NOT Need A Divorce, You Just NEED TO "Divorce" The Things That Are LEADING You There!


Stop letting the Lack of Sex, Bad Communication, and Past Resentments ruin what can be so amazing!!


Instead, have Far Better Sex than you did in the beginning, actually Excited To Share your thoughts and feelings, and most importantly Gaining Momentum while falling deeper in love each and every day!

"High Level Husband is here to kickstart personal transformations and ignite relationships. In the eyes of many, they have the kind of marriage that will last in today's society." - NBC 

These people were in your EXACT position and here is where they are NOW!!!


Shawn & Amanda

"When I discovered Tommy and Dianne, my relationship was very close to coming to an end.  I was about ready to give up. Now, every day I gain more and more hope. Now everything seems I/we can conquer whatever comes our way.  The traditional, relationship counselor tries to fix the problem by their “textbook”, but that doesn’t work for everybody.  In fact, no wonder why there’s such a high divorce rate.  What people need is a relationship coach like Tommy and Dianne.  It’s a completely different, truly well thought out program, and completely invaluable, in my opinion.  I truly thank you both from the bottom of my heart."

Kaitlyn & Jeremy

“I literally messaged Tommy the other day and said reaching out to you was the best thing I have ever done in my life, except for marrying Jeremy!  We have always had a good relationship, but little did we know all the amazing attributes we had locked up inside of us.  Unlocking those has forever changed us personally and in our marriage!   Tommy and Dianne embody true compassion and connection.   We couldn’t ask for better coaches!!”


"Tommy and Dianne are as real as they come!  I cannot express enough about how much they actually care about seeing you succeed and break free from your struggles in your personal life and relationship.  I consider them family, on top of being great coaches.  My outlook on life changed, my mental and physical strength grew, I developed a relationship with God, and now my relationship is thriving!  Beyond thankful our paths crossed!"

I'll be honest with you

For us, getting to this point was not easy!


Early on in our relationship, we struggled with everything! There was broken trust, unresolved past hurts, individual struggles, and avoided conversations.  It got so bad, that we even had to split up for 18 months!

By the grace of God, we were able to work through our hang ups and get back to a far better spot than before.


Life got very, very bland.  Every day was Groundhog Day.  We were working jobs that we did not enjoy, God seemed distant, our friendships were so so, and our kids consumed most of our time and energy.  

Our marriage was solid with no issues, but still felt like a B- or C+.

You could say we were emotionally and spiritually BROKE!

So We Tried....

❌Convincing ourselves that it was just a "season" we were going through

❌Taking more trips

❌Switching Churches

And that's when it hit us....

Our marriage was NEVER going to change, unless we personally were GOING to change!

So that's exactly what we did, and to this day it's STILL producing results!

✅We saw each other's thoughts, words, and actions change!

✅Which radically changed our thoughts, words, and actions towards each other!

✅We started seeing each other for who we are, rather than what we are not!

✅Which ultimately had us desiring each other emotionally and physically like never before! YES, the sex is MIND BLOWING

All it takes is

3 Simple Steps

To ELEVATE you and your marriage!

Figure out what you ultimately want yourself and your marriage to ideally look like.  Dream big.

Take Intentional action to develop in 4 main areas.  The physical, mental, spiritual, and relational. 

Live it! Don't ever stop being that person that you are proud of, and they are proud of! You both deserve it.

Can this really work? ABSOLUTELY!

We have had LIFE CHANGING success working with people who are multi 7 figure business owners, as well as stay at home parents.  


🏆How we lead you, is EXACTLY how we lead ourselves.  In our 24 years together, God has allowed our Tests to be our Testimony, and put us on a path to walk side by side with some of the biggest leaders in the coaching space.

Here Is The Best Part!

The PURPOSE OF This Is...

So that you feel like you are not trying to just get through life but are actually living life!

Without changing what already makes you great, only adding even more to that!

Using extremely clear, precise, and gratifying highly effective action steps!

What we are going to PERSONALLY teach you in our programs...


*Turn your mess into your message

*Have passion in life and in the bedroom

*Turn your body and mind into a high performance asset

*Not just require but desire deep conversations

*Have a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity

*Be the most confident and compassionate person in the room

*Have a real relationship with God instead of religion

*Wake up excited every day and truly feel limitless

*Have your spouse, others, and yourself see you completely different.

*Plus much, much, more





  • 12 Month Intensive Program
  • 24/7 Support Via Text and Voice Messaging with Tommy & Dianne
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  • Custom Mindset and Health Optimization (In-Depth)
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  • 6 Month Intensive Program
  • 24/7 Support Via Text and Voice Messaging With Tommy & Dianne
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  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • Custom Mindset and Health Optimization
  • Private Group Access  
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  • 6 month Program
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls
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