We give you everything you need to excel in every area of life, to be beyond proud of yourself and be that elite man for your wife! 


"High Level Husband is here to kickstart personal transformations and ignite relationships. In the eyes of many, they have the kind of marriage that will last in today's society." - NBC 

Let's just be real.....

If your wife is closed off emotionally and regularly gets DEFENSIVE, then she doesn't trust you. 

If you are not having sex MULTIPLE times per week and she never INITIATES, then you are not ATTRACTIVE to her.  If you are honest with yourself, you are not attracted to yourself either!

I KNOW THAT HURTS, I have been there.



Be honest, which one of the first 2 is you?

Motel 6

The guy who has a negative attitude, has zero discipline to follow through on anything he says he is going to do.  Gets super defensive with his wife and thinks everything is her fault.  Has a extreme limitations and is stuck in a career that he hates.  Leans on porn and substances to numb his pain and low self worth.  In hotel terms, nobody looks forward to staying there and is expecting low quality service and sub par dirty rooms.  

Holiday Inn

The average Joe.  Finances are good, but job is not fulfilling.  Sets goals and gets a few done, but also falls off on some.  Health and physique get a little worse every year.  Friendships are nothing special and marriage has plateaued.  Faith life is lukewarm and you go through the motions.  You blend in and do not stand out.  In hotel terms, it's somewhat of a safe bet, but nobody's first choice.   The hotel is just a room and not a part of the experience.  

Ritz Carlton

You stand out in every way.  Your words are impactful, and your actions are trusted and consistent.  Your health is on point and your body and mind performs due to that.  You preach the gospel and use words when necessary.  Your friendships are real brothers who lead themselves well and provide value.  In hotel terms, everyone wants to stay there, the experience is first class, unique, and special.  Nobody desires to leave!

Zero Chance You Would Disagree...

If you were absolutely dominating all areas of life right now, how much more fulfilled would you be and how much better would your marriage be?!?!  I already know the answer, it would be ABSOLUTELY PHENOMINAL!


Imagine being absolutely on fire for God, with full trust and authority in him.  When this happens, it's crazy how many doors open up and how much more peaceful you are and how impactful you are to everyone in your life!   There is no greater path to fulfillment and purpose.


Imagine actually becoming what the Bible says about marriage, 2 becoming 1!  When that happens, it's crazy how connected and respected you feel.  How you truly just desire to talk and spend time with your BEST FRIEND.  Fights disappear and intimacy skyrockets!!


Imagine how you feel when your body is an asset instead of a detriment.  Yes, biceps and abs are fun, but its far more about how you feel and perform.  It screams discipline and dedication.  That lets others know what you are about and earns admiration and respect.  


Imagine having true confidence in who you are.   When most break, you will win.  You will start to base your decisions on your commitments and not your emotions.  It's the true essence of a leader.  When your wife knows that you are secure and stable, she is intimate and loving!


On Your Own

You've tried working things out on your own with books, free downloads, and podcasts, only for things to temporarily improve. But shortly after, things returned back to the way they were before.  

Traditional Counseling

You've tried "traditional" counseling or therapy, which was nice to get someone else's opinion, but you were only rehashing past hurts and never really moving things forward. 

Friends & Family

You've tried talking to your pastor, friends, and family, where you got loving words of encouragement, slightly biased and mixed opinions, which only left you more confused. 

Here is the scary part!  While you are focusing on those, the countdown timer on your life and marriage is only getting lower and lower, which is only making it harder and harder to come back from. 

You can NEVER lead others, if you CANNOT lead yourself!

Your wife and kids deserve it!

(42 years old in the picture. Mentally on point, spiritually on fire, and relationally 10/10. We should only get better as we age!)

These people were in your EXACT position and here is where they are NOW!!!



"When I discovered Tommy, my relationship was very close to coming to an end.  I was about ready to give up. Now, every day I gain more and more hope. Now everything seems I/we can conquer whatever comes our way.  The traditional, relationship counselor tries to fix the problem by their “textbook”, but that doesn’t work for everybody.  In fact, no wonder why there’s such a high divorce rate.  What people need is a relationship coach like Tommy.  It’s a completely different, truly well thought out program, and completely invaluable, in my opinion.  I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"Tommy is as real as they come!  I cannot express enough about how much he actually cares about seeing you succeed and break free from your struggles in your personal life and relationship.  I consider him family, on top of being great a coach.  My outlook on life changed, my mental and physical strength grew, I developed a relationship with God, and now my relationship is thriving!  Beyond thankful our paths crossed!"


“Tommy Changed my Life!!  When I first reached out to him, I was full of insecurities, fear, and a bit lost in all areas, especially my marriage and my faith.  I literally told Tommy that I had NEVER left my house with the feeling of peace.  Fast forward a few months and all I have is peace. All aspects of my life have changed.   What I thought was my life crumbling down, literally was the exact opposite, it was my life building to everything I ever wanted!  So thankful I worked with Tommy.”


"Tommy is one of the realest dudes out there!  We linked up entirely on IG, which is not like me, so I had hesitation to become vulnerable and reach out and commit, but wholeheartedly can say it’s been one of the best steps I’ve taken for me, my wife, family and those around me.  He is easy to talk to, relatable, non-judgmental, impactful and actually listens, understands and provides challenging but solid advice.  Tommy has provided me confidence, purpose and excitement. I would without hesitation, recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves!"

Do you want to hear a CRAZY story?

God Literally Had To KILL Me For Me To FINALLY Change.


I did, and when I was in the ambulance dying, I had the darkest feeling ever.  I did not feel God at all. Only thing I felt was how I lived everyday; unfullfilled, regretful, and inadequate.  I was about to die as a man that was a let down to his wife and kids.

But hey, at least I had a bank account full of cash and friends who all were the same as me to guide them!  

If I was to die now...

My family legacy will be changed forever.  I will be remembered as honorable, joyful, grateful, and respected.  Because of that my inner circle is full of Super bowl champions, notorious Navy SEALS, 9 figure earners, and Pastors.  Strong men of God!



Dianne McCollister

"Every time I think about what happened when Tommy caught fire for God, and truly started living as a Kingdom man, I just want to pinch myself.  I would NEVER in a million years think that I could become who I became.  I had limitation on top of limitation.  Not to mention, I was just getting through life as a mom and wife.  But wow, I am the farthest thing from that.  Night and day different.  When a man leads himself well, it opens the door for his wife to follow suit.  If it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone.  Which I now have seen firsthand with others!"

You have two options; join forces with Elite Professionals or join forces with a Divorce Lawyer, take your pick!  

There is a price to pay for both.  One gives you everything you desire, the other takes everything away. 

If you do have the courage to grab the life raft that God sent your way, here is what will happen...

You will become a person that stands out in all areas of life from having a light shining off of you so bright that you look like you are walking around in color and everyone else is in black and white!  

Welcome to...

High Level Husband!

The all-inclusive program that provides actionable steps for actual results! This is for the husbands who are tired of the ordinary and are desiring the extraordinary in life and marriage forever!


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  • 6 Month Program
  • Step by Step Customized Blueprint To Grow You and Your Marriage! Delivered Weekly
  • 24/7 Support Via Text and Voice Messaging
  • Weekly Group Zoom Call
  • Monthly guest coaches on the call
  • Biweekly Bible Study
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  • Month to Month 
  • Step by Step Customized Blueprint To Grow You and Your Marriage! Delivered Weekly
  • Weekly Group Zoom Call
  • Monthly guest coaches on the call
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