"Tommy had our entire audience HOOKED from the moment he started speaking onstage!"



To scale your business, you need to scale your marriage, to scale your marriage you need to scale yourself!

Best Audiences

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & CEO's

Having a successful business that is generating solid revenue will mean nothing at the end of the day when you walk through the door of your house and your relationship with your spouse is dead.  

More hours at the office will not bring more love in the marriage, and on the flipside, spending more time with your spouse will not bring more love and fulfillment.  

But, when you become the person that your spouse respects, admires, and desires, then you show up in your business with more passion, purpose, clarity, and energy.  That will bring in more revenue in less time.  

Home and work will both be a benefit, rather than both being a detriment! 

Learning Objectives:

Learn the habits and character traits that make a REAL leader.  One who stands out, is highly effective, and is undeniably followable, personally and professionally. 

Understand the proper order and structure of the main priorities in your life, and how to strategically implement them to maximize harmony and effectiveness in all areas.  

How to algin your work vison, with your marriage vison, and be on the same page together as one.  

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Using your hardest hurts and hang ups, for your greatest achievements and impact!

Best Audiences

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Retreats, and Masterminds

You are the most qualified to lead the person that you used to be! In embracing and rejoicing in our struggles, we not only transform our own lives but also become a beacon of hope and relatability to others.

Often times we live in regret and wish that our pains would go away, but if they were to go away, so would the wisdom that you gained from it.  It's the journey through adversity that equips us with a wisdom and healing that money can't buy!

Tommy's powerful testimony of coming from an abusive family, infidelity, drug addiction, jail, and a near death experience, will not only captivate the audience, but will transform what they think is possible in life!

Learning Objectives:

Learn the exact process of how to heal your trauma by using it for good.

How to be a leader that is extremely followable and effective, by being vulnerable and authentic.

Build unshakeable confidence and composure, by being enough in who you are. 

Learn how to love others better by loving yourself first.

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Mastering the art of Bold Faith for Ultimate Impact!

Best Audiences

Leaders, Churches, Entrepreneurs, CEO's, and Men's Retreats

It's truly remarkable what happens when a man stands up with the bold faith and the courage of Isaiah and says, "here I am, Send me."

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, many Christian men have become docile and weak, as their habits and actions do not match that of who God calls them to be.  Not only is that destroying them personally, but their marriage, business, and Church following suit.

That all changes when men truly embody Joshua 1:9, live strong and courageous, and take territory and advance by being that masculine leader for themselves, their family, and the Kingdom.   

Learning Objectives:

Learn the habits and character traits of a masculine man of God, and how to tactically apply those to your life. 

How to find ultimate fulfillment and effectiveness by merging your marriage, career, and ministry all into one. 

Discover the process of using your hardest moments for your biggest impact!

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Not entirely sure what you’re looking for?  Shoot me a message and we can discuss creating a custom program to meet your needs, as I can speak with authority on almost anything and everything!

 “Tommy had our entire audience HOOKED from the moment he started speaking onstage. His speaking style was both highly-professional and passionately vulnerable, which inspired a standing ovation with tears in eyes. Many of our attendees told us that Tommy’s speech was the catalyst they needed to finally step into the most maximized version of themselves. On the personal side, Tommy was extremely easy (and fun) to work with. So if you’re looking for a dynamic speaker that can speak LIFE into an audience and become a highlight of your event that people rave about, we definitely recommend Tommy!”

- Kyle & Ariel Tresch, Couplepreneurs