Who We Are

We had the house, car’s, trips, healthy kids and we were BLAND!!! 
Our marriage was good. We had ok talks, never argued and intimacy was good.  What was wrong?!?!?!  WE were what was wrong. We stopped growing. We stopped living with passion and purpose!  We were too good to be great.   
We envisioned what our lives would be like in 25 years, and we were disgusted in what the outlook was.  It was the SAME life.  Same? NO THANKS!   
We got bold and flipped life around.  We faced fear after fear and challenged life in every area.   We took our fitness to a new level. We grew our Faith life.  We grew our mindset.  All those areas grew us closer together than ever before!   We quit our jobs, sold our house and moved to another state.  Had Mike Tyson wanted to fight, we would have KO’d him as well!!  NOTHING was stopping us.   The outcome was insane.  Literally 10x’d everything in our life.   It was MIND BLOWING!  
What we didn’t know was that we NEEDED to experience all of this, the good and the bad, so we could lead others out of that very life that had us stuck in its spider web.     
Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Tommy and Dianne, Professional Life changers!  We specialize in transforming bodies, minds and relationships!  We work with all types of people in all walks of life but hold a very special place in our hearts for Couples.    Our technique’s changed our lives, which in turn has now changed countless amounts of other people's lives!  ARE YOU NEXT?!?!?