Tommy's journey to becoming an Elite Coach, Speaker, and Man, was anything but conventional.

Before he founded High Level Husband, Tommy had money, unlimited free time, a beautiful wife, and two healthy kids, but yet absolutely hated his life.  Ungrateful? NO!  Unfulfilled? YES!  That all changed when Tommy had a near death experience and decided to "burn the boats" and go all in on finding out what is possible in life for himself and his family, when you stop doing things the way the world says do it and start doing it the way God says do it.    

That all paid off!  In just 4 short years, Tommy has coached some of the most successful people in the world, everyone from 8 figure earners, renowned musicians, politicians, and athletes, and at the same time growing his social media from nothing to 400k followers and over 400 million views.  The thing he is most proud of, is the transformation of his character and the way he leads himself, but more importantly his wife's radical transformation from a low self-worth, lost, and mediocre woman, to becoming a woman that loves herself and others like no other, all while impacting lives around the world.  
Besides running a successful coaching business, these days you can find Tommy bringing an intense and emotional experience to stages around the country, where he ignites men to feel phenomenal by winning at work and winning at home. 
To scale your business and your marriage, you need to scale YOURSELF!