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Your relationship with YOURSELF is the most important aspect of growing your actual relationship.  When we show up for ourselves and continue to grow in all areas, then we are truly able to show up for the person we love! 

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Shawn & Amanda

"When I discovered Tommy and Dianne, my relationship was very close to coming to an end.  I was about ready to give up. Now, every day I gain more and more hope. Now everything seems I/we can conquer whatever comes our way.  The traditional, relationship counselor tries to fix the problem by their “textbook”, but that doesn’t work for everybody.  In fact, no wonder why there’s such a high divorce rate.  What people need is a relationship coach like Tommy and Dianne.  It’s a completely different, truly well thought out program, and completely invaluable, in my opinion.  I truly thank you both from the bottom of my heart."


"Tommy and Dianne are as real as they come!  I cannot express enough about how much they actually care about seeing you succeed and break free from your struggles in your personal life and relationship.  I consider them family, on top of being great coaches.  My outlook on life changed, my mental and physical strength grew, I developed a relationship with God, and now my relationship is thriving!  Beyond thankful our paths crossed!"


“Yes, yes and more yes!! Tommy and Dianne are now my people for life!!! I came to them broken emotionally and physically, but No More! I lost 80lbs, quit drinking, and am now going for huge goals that were never possible before working with them! My relationship has been a wild one, but their guidance and raw truth has guided and helped me SO MUCH in this area! Life changing!”